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2020-2021 University of Chicago Essay Prompts

college essays Jun 30, 2021
The 2020-2021 University of Chicago essay prompts are out. I just love the creativity that the prompts can spark! Essay Option #2: “What’s so easy about pie?”
As the hot days of July approach and berries are in season, this makes me think of easy summer afternoons spent with family eating mixed berry pie and ice cream. Some people think of pizza pie, but as my family originally came from southern Italy, we like our pizza made on rectangular baking sheets and cut in squares. As I am a lover of math and all things quantitative, it of course also makes me think of pi. To make it “easy”, in 1897 a bill was introduced in the Indiana state legislature to make pi exactly 3.2 and charge royalties for textbooks (in every state except Indiana ). Luckily a Purdue University professor intervened and pi remains the irrational number 3.1415….
What does easy pie make you think of? Does it make you think of a personal story? Relate to your mathematical side? Or something else entirely different?

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