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UC Requirements that May Surprise Out-of-State Applicants

college list Aug 09, 2021
Specific requirements for the University of California (UC) schools that may surprise out-of-state residents.
If your child is thinking about applying to UCLA, UC Berkeley, or any of the other seven UC schools, it’s important to start planning early for their specific requirements. High schools outside of California frequently do not make students aware of these requirements. However, the UCs are quickly becoming some of the most popular schools to apply to. UCLA received 139,500 freshman applications last year!
This is what you need to know now:
• One year of visual and performing arts is required. The UCs require fifteen classes from their A-G list of courses. Eleven of these must be completed by the end of junior year. The visual and performing arts requirement, which can be fulfilled with a dance, film, music, theater or visual arts class, is frequently missed by out-of-state students. This is not typically required by either high schools for graduation or other colleges for admissions, and thus, it can come as a surprise when students are about to apply to the UCs.
• A 3.4 GPA for out-of-state students (3.0 GPA for in-state) is required. However, the UCs calculate this a little differently than most high schools. They only include sophomore and junior year A-G classes, provide weight for AP classes but not honors classes taken outside of California, and use whole grades (no pluses or minuses).
Once you’re ready to apply:
• The UCs only have one application deadline: Nov 30
• They use their own application (not the common app!)
• There are 20 slots available for extra curricular activities (not 10 like the common app)
• They do not require teacher recommendations

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