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A big thank you to Laura for her guidance through my college apps. I always found her feedback to be very thoughtful. She provided insightful suggestions to improve my essays. She was always very positive and encouraging, and most of all, very thorough with her reviews.
Since I want to major in biology, I especially appreciated her imputs given her academic and professional background.
At the end of the day, I landed my dream school—MIT—and had great options at five Ivy League colleges including Princeton! Couldn’t have been better!

Advanced Ivy prep is a great service that provides high-quality guidance in navigating the turbulent waters of the college process. Laura Rogers[-Perretta] sets out to truly understand her students, in turn making her advice that much more insightful. She is a great individual who goes above and beyond in showing care for the success of her students. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Laura, as it makes a difference in the whole process.

Advanced Ivy Prep worked wonderfully for my son. Laura has so much patience and he really responded to her coaching style.

Laura worked with my son over the summer when he was overwhelmed due to the number of essays he had to write. She listens, is nonjudgmental, patient, and has a magic approach to helping him come up with ideas and start writing. They built a quick rapport. He was done with his essays by the time school started. I know my son appreciates her help as much as I do. And he is so excited to be starting at Princeton in the fall!!

My daughter has severe anxiety, and she was crippled by anxiety every time she tried to write the essays. Laura was very patient with her. My daughter was too nervous to Skype, Laura just talked to her over the phone until she was comfortable enough. Eventually they picked essay topics and got an outline. From there, the process was much easier. I don’t think my daughter would have finished her essays if it wasn’t for Laura.

Laura was extremely helpful with pinpointing the flaws and deficiencies in the essay. Her comments and constructive criticisms were spot on. The essay went from good to great with a few lessons. Thank you, Laura!