How It Works

This is the complete start to finish package. Students who have already begun the essay process can jump in at any stage.

Initial Brainstorming

I meet with the student in person or online to pick a topic for the essay. This starts by talking about what is important to the student – ideas, people, books, classes, hobbies, clubs, sports. An initial questionnaire facilitates this process. The goal is to find a topic that is unique or can be approached from a unique perspective. Then we will create an outline. Here we make sure all the important ideas for the essay are included and the student can begin writing in an organized way.

Initial Editing

These sessions take place online so that we can talk and real-time edit the same document using Google Docs. The main goal is to get the overall ideas in place in an organized way. The essay should flow seamlessly from introduction to conclusion in a way that makes sense and keeps the reader engaged. Also, we make sure the first paragraph is captivating so that the reader wants to keep reading.

Fine-Tune Editing

After the overall structure is in place, we fine-tune the language of the essay so that each word, phrase, and sentence is as powerful as possible. We eliminate linking verbs and replace them with action verbs. We look for repeated words and passive voice.

Final Draft and Polishing

Any last typos or content issues are fixed, and I can answer any remaining questions about the essay.

Offline Editing

In between sessions, I can provide detailed comments on drafts. This makes sure the essay is shaping up the way we talked about in our sessions and keeps writing process moving forward.