Let an Ivy League Ph.D. and Former Admissions Interviewer Help You Craft the Perfect College Essay!

As I work with students, I help draw out a student’s personality and express it on paper. The most important thing is to make sure the student’s own voice is conveyed through the essay in an effective and engaging way. That’s what compels the admission officers to feel a connection with the student and ultimately to advocate for his or her acceptance.

  • I guide students through the entire writing process. We begin with brainstorming to ensure they identify a topic that is interesting and unique.
  • We draft an outline, so the student will have clear direction and can begin writing with ease.
  • I then work with the student to make the entire essay flow together. The essay is crafted to capture the reader’s attention and hold it all the way to the end.
  • Finally, we work together to choose language, down to the individual word choice, that will most effectively bring the story to life.

In an increasingly crowded pool of applicants, make sure you stand out! Get an edge with the perfect essay!

If you are a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior, it is critical that you start thinking about your admissions profile! Top grades and test scores are no longer enough to ensure admission to the best schools. I help students identify the steps they need to take now in order to secure admission to their top school!

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