About Me

Laura Rogers, Ph.D.

Learning is my passion, and I love sharing that passion with others. I have been an independent instructor and tutor for the past nine years. I have taught college and high school subjects ranging from multivariable calculus and differential equations to physics, chemistry, and biology. I have delved into history and English literature with students and collaborated with them to hone their English writing and grammar skills. Each summer and fall, I work with students to create a cohesive profile of themselves for their college applications.

In high school, I labored over my college applications for countless hours. I understand the pressure and stress this generates. My years of experience as an alumni interviewer for Dartmouth College brings a unique perspective to the admissions process. Since then, I have helped hundreds of high school seniors navigate their college applications.

My own educational background is a mix of science and humanities disciplines from some of the top colleges in the United States. I earned High Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry as well as a Classics degree from Dartmouth College. I then went on to earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Structural Biology from Cornell University’s Medical College.

As an undergraduate, I spent a semester studying archeology and history in Greece. I won the botany award for my genetic research on plants as an undergraduate, and I have done extensive research in computational biology for my Ph.D. dissertation. I was a teaching assistant for both undergraduate and graduate students for a variety of biology classes.

In my free time, I volunteer at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, where I share my love of science and history with young children and adults alike. If you visit the museum on the weekend, you may see me in front of Sue or in the Evolving Planet exhibit. I am also learning Ancient Greek to fulfill a lifelong goal to read the Iliad in its original language. My other love is triathlon. I have completed 17 races, including eight 70.3 distance Ironman races and one full length Ironman in Wisconsin.